RAV_EV new registration, an extra chapter

 Here arrived our RAV for the registration, but he dropped off to sleep
after the breaker tripped while charging.
First of all we thought it happened that a fuse had died somewhere in
the electrical system.
Since we were so busy in this season and a bit worried about him, we
decided to send him to a Toyota local dealer for repair.
They read the manual and told us that replacing the ECU would be a first
step to save him.
We heard a rumor that some owner had been charged more than one million
yen for the ECU replacement like our case.
After a talk to our owner how to deal with it, we came to an conclusion
to try and settle this matter by ourselves.

Toyota dealer's diagnosis: any of the ECU, the battery pack, or the main
relay was out of order.

This is the ECU inside the EV box,of which they most suspected. As one
of our EV club members had lucky to find the same
type of ECU and brought us one, we tried to replace each other and saw
what happened to him. Nothing, nothing changed.

Next we lifted down the battery pack. Each battery was checked one by
one by a volt tester.
We directly applied 12V to the main relay, and checked how it sounded or
if it functioned all right.
Nothing wrong with them all.

Totally reconsidering, we inspected and checked all the fuses, one of
which we guessed was most likely cause of trouble.
Checking carefully and we found one of the fuses was dead, so relay
block No.21GX(15A) was gone.

We replaced the fuse with a new one and got them together to see the
READY sign on the dashboard.
That was, we guessed, a true cause of this trouble.
We had a plan to get register for our RAV. Please wait with expectation
until he comes back.